an exciting trip with eyes

whenever i closed my eyes and find some spirit,then i think about zanskar and linkshed.the cold winds of that place tells something in my ears...i wanna feel that.then i think about the way ,the roads,and the silence on the way which talks me ,i wanna listen them,i wanna do walk on them.the morning is very bright there, it seems like earth wears beautiful dress of snow,i wanna fill colours on them, i wanna watch them all the time.the eyes of the people always say something, a fire burn all the times in their breath..i wanna lit that fire in me ,i wanna read that eyes.the smile on kids faces, and the sweet food in their bowl, i wanna eat that food,i wanna keep that smiles in my heart.when i see their hard work, their passion ,i wanna forget myself. their are so many things to tell about them but i wanna hide something in my heart.


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