feel good

we are just running and running and running....but still not reaching to the place of our choice. everyone in this world have so many regrets..even i have too..but yet i feel good and you guys are not...because i find my happiness in small things and it makes me feel good and at that moment i forget about those bad time.i feel good in listening my favourite song.., i feel good when i eat my mom's hand food..,i feel good when i see the moon in front of my window,i feel good on a long drive..,i feel good when it rains,you know what actually there are so many things that makes me feel good. what makes you feel good, feel alive, feel independent, feel strong, feel happy, just think about this and trust me it really helps you to come out of your problems


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  1. arexon

    Rightly said😃

    December 20, 2015